My contact information

Email address

As protection against bots that harvest email addresses for spam, I don't write my email address out in full.

The address is: "translations", followed by the at-mark, then my website address (ending in .uk).

You can also see my email address written normally simply by solving a reCAPTCHA.

Google Talk for instant communication

I am also available via instant messaging on Google Talk, if this is easier.

The address is: my username (without, dot translations, at-symbol, then gmail dot com.

Or solve a reCAPTCHA.

Name, postal address, etc.

My real name is James Rushton. Postal address available if required.

To forumites and other non-business individuals

In case you're not sure how to write the email: There's no need to be formal. ^^;

Simply "will you translate this?" and a link or some text will do. You're not committed to anything by asking.

Remember to check what I won't translate!

You can also PM me on Reddit or something. (Same username).