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I'm a JLPT1-certified J-to-E freelance translator from the UK. I have an excellent command of English, and an obsessive attention to detail in conveying the meaning of Japanese accurately and naturally.

I translate anything from business-related documents (computing/math documents, manuals, ...) to texts of private interest (comics, news, trailers, songs, screenshots, readmes, magazines, ...).

I am fairly new to professional translation, and make every effort to charge fair rates.

Some of my professional work so far:

I have made available some example translations here on my site, and offsite there is also a translation of a complete playthrough of Madoh Monogatari for Sega Saturn.


It's simply a variation on my normal internet username. "Wyrm" means "dragon". The name doesn't bear any particular relevance to translation.

My real name is James Rushton. This is the name that will appear on invoices etc.


I've been learning Japanese for about 10 years, and translating (non-professionally) for about 4 years.

My professional experience is shorter (only a year or two).

I passed the highest level (N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (anonymized certificate) the first time I took it in 2010.

I have a Master's degree (MEng) in computing from Imperial College, London.

I do not yet have any professional qualifications related to translation, so please have a look at these example translations for a guide to my abilities. I always work to my highest standard.

I am constantly strengthening my Japanese knowledge, reading Japanese novels and manga and playing text-heavy Japanese video games in my spare time.

What I will translate

I can accurately translate a variety of texts, but there are some things I won't do.

I won't translate into Japanese, as it's not my native language.

I prefer to translate text rather than audio, but I may do translations of spoken material as well, depending on the clarity of the source.

Also, I will not translate technical documents outside my field. Documents to do with computing or mathematics are fine, but technical chemical/pharmaceutical documents, legal documents (including patents) etc. are beyond my scope at present.

Short translations are fine, but you'll need to provide enough context to make it possible to translate. There may be a (low) minimum charge.

If you have doubts, please ask.


My guideline rate for general texts is £0.03 (GBP) per Japanese character.

I only count kana/kanji as "Japanese characters".

The rate will be higher for texts requiring specialist computing/mathematical knowledge, or texts that otherwise resist or complicate the process of translation.

The rates are subject to change as I test them out.

Special pricing for certain content

Browse gaming blogs or forums a lot? Have something related to gaming (or anime, manga, etc) that you'd like me to translate? If it's fairly short, I'll do it really cheaply for you! Email me :)

(The above is a casual / non-professional service for individuals, with significantly lower rates.)

Payment methods

I take credit card payments via PayPal. If you're in the UK, I'll also accept cheques.

I will also accept Bitcoin.

If you can't pay via any of the above, in some cases I might offer a less conventional payment method, but please be sure to mention it as a possible problem in your first email.

Terms & Conditions

This document was last updated on 2011-03-21.

  1. This agreement
    1. You are bound by this agreement if you use my services.
      This agreement applies between me and any client ("you") commissioning a translation ("TL") of a work from me. Your use of my services indicates acceptance of this agreement. In addition to the job-specific terms agreed upon as part of clause 2, this represents the entirety of the agreement between you and me.
    2. These bolded headings are provided only for ease of reading.
      The headings of this agreement do not form part hereof, and are only included for purposes of clarity.
  2. Service definition
    1. I will translate to the best of my ability.
      I will translate from Japanese to English all materials agreed upon for translation to the best of my ability.
    2. If there's a deadline, I'll work as hard as possible to meet it.
      If you and I agree upon a due date for the TL, I will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the TL by that due date.
  3. Job-specific agreements
    1. We agree in advance on: what exactly to translate; the deadline if any; when you pay and how much; the TL file format; anything else I need to know.
      Before I begin work on a TL, you and I must have explicitly agreed upon: the particular text for translation; the fee for my services; what proportion of the fee to pay up front, after the TL is completed, and after the TL is released; the due date by which the job is to be completed, if applicable; any further conditions which may apply to or affect the process of translation; the method and format of delivery, if different from the default.
    2. Terms agreed in advance aren't final until I start.
      Anything agreed upon as part of 2.a only becomes binding once I begin work on the TL, or accept and acknowledge a request from you to begin work on the TL.
    3. If you later add or change things, I can change the price as appropriate.
      If you make changes to any of the agreements enumerated in 2.a after work on the TL has begun, or you add new agreements, I reserve the right to change the fee as appropriate to accommodate them.
  4. Copyright
    1. You promise you're not going to break copyright.
      If you request a TL of a work protected by copyright, and you are not the copyright holder, you must ensure that the copyright on that work is not infringed upon. By requesting a TL, you warrant that you either have prior permission from the copyright holder, or that your use of the TL will fall under relevant exceptions such as fair use (including personal private use) or fair dealing.
    2. If you do break copyright, you're liable if I get sued.
      If copyright on the original work is infringed upon as a direct or indirect result of your handling of the TL, you are liable for the costs of any claims or legal action taken against me as a result.
    3. You get copyright over the TL when you pay.
      Where the TL is itself eligible for copyright, that right is transferred from me to you when and only when I receive full payment for the TL.
    4. I keep a copy for archiving.
      Even after you receive copyright over the TL, I retain the right to keep a copy of the TL and a copy of the work I translated, for archival purposes.
  5. Delivery / File formats
    1. Default is a Word document (DOC). (But you can ask for txt, rtf, pdf, html...)
      If you and I don't make a separate agreement as part of clause 2 as to the delivery method or file format for the completed TL, I will by default send the completed TL via email, as a Microsoft Word document (DOC).
  6. Confidentiality
    1. All your content and communications remain confidential.
      I will not share any of the following with any third party without your written permission: the TL; any content you send to me; the content of any communications between you and me.
  7. Events beyond my control
    1. I'm not responsible if your mail server eats my emails etc.
      I am not responsible for delays to completion caused by events outside my control.
    2. I'm not responsible if the text you provide has errors, is libelious, etc.
      You agree to indemnify and hold me harmless from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities which I may incur as a result of the information or material you provide to me for use in producing the TL.
    3. I'm not responsible if someone else changes my TL.
      After I have delivered the TL to you, I am not responsible for any changes made to the TL by anyone other than me.
  8. Cancellation / Withdrawal
    1. You can cancel if you pay for work already done.
      After I have begun work on the TL, if you decide to cancel, or withdraw any text from translation, you are liable for the proportion of the fee equal to the proportion of the text I have already translated.
  9. Payment
    1. Payable in GBP (Pounds Sterling, £).
      Invoices will be payable in GBP (Pounds Sterling).
    2. A 1% per month late fee applies after 30 days from invoicing or deadline.
      The due date for payment of fees is the due date for completion agreed as part of 2.a, or if no such date was agreed, the date on which I send the invoice. Any part of the fee that I do not receive within 30 days of the due date will be deemed late and shall be subject to a late fee of 1% per month.
    3. If you don't pay, you're responsible for the cost of collection.
      If I do not receive payment within a reasonable timeframe (at least 90 days), or you refuse to pay, you are responsible for my costs in collecting late payments due from you.
  10. Right of refusal
    1. I reserve the right to decline any job for any reason.
  11. Governing law / Jurisdiction
    1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Email me what you need translated, and I'll quote you a price, with no obligation to proceed.

Guideline rates:

per Japanese character
— or —
special rates for text related to gaming, anime, manga, etc. (contact me!)

Bitcoin also accepted!